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Retirement Illustrations

Forecasting and Planning

As programs change, employees benefit from learning the impact on them swiftly and accurately.

Improvements can be quantified for those with increases to boost appreciation. Even unfavorable news may be understood by placing it in a broader context of an individual's overall compensation and benefit package.

Improve understanding and choices by providing context and resources.

When a choice is involved, employees need to assess the financial impact in order to make a decision. Employees may have the difficult task of predicting how long they will remain with the company, as well as estimating items such as future rate of investment returns. UDC can facilitate participant elections and enrollment online and with mobile devices, as well as delivering conventional approaches such as printed reply cards and email campaigns. Decision support materials can be customized for designated groups and personalized for individual circumstances. Call center support can be enabled with secured access and training,
as needed.

UDC provides resources to assist both employers and employees with retirement planning and forecasting. We streamline the preparation of the necessary data and logic so that results are consistent and accurate. With a solid foundation, results are predictable and precise.

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